Cecilia Tarrant speaks to Business Intelligence workshop


NZ Green Investment Finance Board Chair Cecilia Tarrant spoke on a panel as part of a Business Intelligence Series workshop recently.

The workshop, hosted by legal firm Tompkins Wake on 7 May, was the first of the Business Intelligence Series for 2021. 

Cecilia Tarrant was part of a panel discussing  "Funding for growth in a dynamic business environment', chaired by Tompkins Wake specialist commercial partner Kerri Dewe.

Also on the panel were:

  • Raynor McMahon, Executive Director of Cube Credit
  • Randal Barrett, Managing Director of Pioneer Capital
  • Rob Vickery, Founder and Managing Director of Hillfarrance

Cecilia introduced NZ Green Investment Finance and talked about what motivates investors to choose any particular investment opportunity - in particular, what are investors in green investment, and early stage start-up investments, looking for? 

Read a wrap of the event.